Restrict Unsafe Vehicle Traffic from Sonoma Blvd.

Possible Solution:

Currently the City of Vallejo is in discussion with CalTrans (the government entity that oversees the administration of Sonoma Blvd (State Highway 29) about the feasibility of closing off, or partially closing off, the state streets (Alabama, Louisiana, Ohio, and Kentucky) between Tennessee St. and Florida St. to vehicular traffic from Sonoma Blvd.


This action is being considered because currently residents on these streets have been reporting a high level of unsafe traffic from individuals involved in the sex trade (ie pimps and johns) and because of the actual conducting of the sex trade on their streets. Shutting down vehicle traffic from Sonoma Blvd where most of the sex trade begins will increase the safety and quality of life of residents on these side streets. Vehicle access to these streets will still be possible from either Sutter St. for residents on the east side of Sonoma Blvd. or from Marin St. for those residents on the west side of Sonoma Blvd.

Solution Options:

There are currently three options for closing down traffic from Sonoma Blvd being discussed. They are outlined below.

Option 1:

This option would block the travel lane for traffic driving onto the state street from Sonoma Blvd., but leave the travel lane open for traffic driving onto Sonoma Blvd. from the state streets. One draw back is that drivers involved in the sex trade could just drive around the bollards.

Option 2:

This option is currently in use in Berkeley (this image is from a street there). It blocks all traffic from and to Sonoma Blvd., but leaves the ability for emergency and services vehicles to drive through over the low steel bar in the middle. 

Option 3:

This options completely shuts down all traffic to and from Sonoma Blvd.


If you have an opinion about this proposed solution or one of the above options, please make a comment using this form.